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Bug Reports / Netwebget$
For those that might experience this issue in v16

I notice strange block chars appearing in my highscore tables at the start and end of a netwebget$.
It must be unicode issue or something...

Below is my fix for the issue..

Code (glbasic) Select


// cleanup string
LOCAL mstr$
FOR x = 1 TO LEN(scoretable$)
  IF ASC(mstr$)<32 OR ASC(mstr$)>96
      IF mstr$="|" THEN newscore$=newscore$+mstr$

I get this when I compile:

!!! EnableMouseInPointer() not found in user32.dll. If this is >=Win8, you get no mouse messages.

Is there a simple fix for this?

Is there a simple way to copy styles from GLB vX to GLB v16.?


Just wondering if anyone has tried the android studio update to build 32/64 versions of GLB apps for mobile?

Can't seem to find any docs on it - how to start / steps involved / etc.
Hi Guys

Looking for one that works without needing seedrnd?

I know I am using an older versions of the GLB at the moment - I need to for my android apps (for now)
But my issue is that SEEDRND seems to be broken on it.

Is that the case or is there a workaround for it?

both version generate completely differently results for a seed.
Is it possible I am placing it in the wrong position in the code - does that factor into it?

Hi Guys,

For anyone that ready any of my books, I am looking for reviews on goodreads - they don't require anything other than reviewers are goodreads members. If you add to the shelf-tag of "Video Games" - that would be a bonus.

GLBasic - en / IDE question
Does anyone know how to disable the 'clean project' icon?
I just clicked on it and undid tons of custom changes for me...

Luckily I had a backup but I want to avoid doing this again...

I have managed remove dy disabling the 'toolbar' panel - but ideally I just want the 'cleanup' icon removed.
GLBasic - en / A bit rusty!
Hi Guys

I am having problems getting shift+wasd keys working to detect if shift was depressed...It must be something painfully simple that i am doing wrong....

my code looks like so

keyLeft =key(30)
keyshift = key(42)

if keyleft and keyshift then do something

Hi Guys

Anyone know why this is appearing...what could cause it?
The app in question was compiling fine recently.

     [echo] Project Name: glbasic
  [gettype] [Fatal Error] :39:1: Content is not allowed in trailing section.

C:\GLBasic_v123\Compiler\platform\android\android-sdk-windows\tools\ant\build.xml:407: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 39; columnNumber: 1; Content is not allowed in trailing section.

Hi Guys
On older compiling platforms which is for MacOS Desktop? OSXuni or OSXx86?

I need to know for a steam update
Colour version of Asteroids
Some custom particle effects etc.


Planning to add extra gameplay features...

Just wondering if anyone has a solution for setting the fullscreen on GLB
So if a fullscreen fails then the screen window stretches to the desktop width and height...
tried with setscreen but not working for me.
Hi Guys!

Some free codes.
Two US Audible codes for my new audiobook!


Plus 1 UK Code (use

Anyone else can get a FREE copy via the Free Trial or their Audible Credits (UK) (USA)

GLBasic - en / Inline C++
I must be doing something wrong but my tries at using past examples of C++ inline code is not working...
is the way I am doing it?

Getting errors like so...
"C:/../..Printtest/stdio.h:39:24: no include path in which to search for stdio.h
C:\Users\..\..\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp0.cpp:101: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ';' "

Code (glbasic) Select

GOSUB main

SUB main:
#include <stdio.h>

namespace __GLBASIC__{


PRINT "HELLO",100,100

FUNCTION printf1:

   char z[100] = "I am learning C programming language.";

   printf("%s", z);

   RETURN 0;


I am looking to find the best way to have multicoloured fonts (programmically) in GLB without the need for multiple bitmap fonts.

My own idea is create the font like 8-bit character set or UDGs and re-colour as needed.

Anyone else try this or have an idea or tricks up-their-sleeves of how to go about?

Announcements / Android beta
Little game idea I am working on ....

Apologies in advance as I forgot to enable the quit menu etc.  :D


Suggestions for gameplay additions welcome :)
Off Topic / Article
Hey guys - I wrote another article yesterday about "my first steam project" on Medium and it's been put on front page of Design and Gaming categories...

Anyone have any good tricks to force a windowed "landscape" game to go fullscreen?
I currently only get it working on 1366 x 768 and some others but want to get it working on larger screens too
Off Topic / Hacker News
Hi Guys

An article I wrote last week about 80s BASIC - and how I rediscovered it is trending as a top story on Hacker News :)

Maaad! But great!