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GLBasic - es / DIV
¿Habrá por casualidad alguien aquí que programase en su día en DIV/DIV2? Aquel engine paleolítico diseñado en españa con su bonita estructura pseudoparalela fue el primer engine "profesional" que utilicé.

Si alguien lo añora, tengo una sorpresa. :P
I have ben looking around the forum and yet not find any post about java and inline in GLBasic but the mention is still abaliable since v11. The help is not helping in this point, so I wonder: is it possible to inline java commands in GLBasic? And so on, it is possible to call funtions, classes, etc from a .java file?

I´m testing a free engine which is able to compile for Win/OSX/Linux/IOS/android and provides all the stuff of the full API in .java files. My goal is to get it working in GLBasic, so a little example on how to get it done will be appreciated.
Epic Games has changed his Unreal Engine 4 from cheap suscription to free. It´s the full engine, with full free support and full free future updates.

The catch: if you use the engine on a comercial product, then you have to pay them a 5% of yor income, but only when it goes over 3.000$ each fiscal quarter.

Looks great, doesn´t it?

I´m trying the free version of GLBasic and before purchase it, I need to know if there are any way I can add physics to the 3D (like Newton or Bullet). I need it working only in windows, android, linux and HTML5.

I´m not able to make a wrapper or something, so I´m asking for a easy way to add this kind of libray.


Estoy trasteando con la free de GLBasic y antes de decidirme a comprarla me gustaría saber si es posible añadir físicas (algo tipo Newton o Bullet) a su engine 3D.
Me interesa que funcionen en Windows, Linux, Android y HTML5, los sistemas de Apple no los necesito.
Ya he visto que de serie no trae nada y no tengo el nivel suficiente como para crear wrappers ni nada parecido. ¿Hay alguna forma de añadir esas librerías sin complicarme la vida?