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With Windows 8 you may find that trying to start (or start copy) a program won't run (with GLBasic stating "please create first" or "run failed").  It looks like security permissions have changed again, and if you want to start a program from within GLBasic, then you will need to set the privilege level to "run as administrator", after which both will work fine.

Hi MrT, I update from 7 to 8, and I don't have to do nothing... but I don't rebember before put GLbasic like Admin...

PS: If anyone uses win 8 and you need the Start Button, at the left corner like in all windows... install this

I have pokki and runs very fine..

Its possible that its only needed for 64-bit versions...

Yes can be this... because I'm using 32 bits...

I hope people were able to upgrade their Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems to Windows 10 before the deadline expired.
Windows 10 is a big improvement over 8 and 8.1.


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