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If you like using DDgui in you project, but dont like to code the gui manually, this is what you need! You can just click your gui together and edit/position your widgets fast. If your gui is complete, just save it into a file. You still need to know how DDgui works, but it will save you some time and make it easier to create your gui.
Its all written in GLBasic and DDgui, so you can run it on any platform and expand it easily. If you fix some bugs, or add some features, please share them with use! ;)

How to use:

* download and unzip the code
* add a current version of "DDgui.gbas" (better always use a actual one)
* compile and run program
* you will see two windows, in the smaller one you can create and edit the gui, in the other one you see the result (this window is really just for showing you the result, any changes that you make here will get lost!)
* create your gui ;)
* hit the "save into file" button (code will get stored into "Form.gbas")
* copy the gui code from "From.gbas" into your project and be happy :P

If you like this or have any suggestions/question/criticism, please give me feedback.


You always find the latest version on my website:

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Now that could be useful!


--- Quote from: MrTAToad on 2012-Feb-28 ---Now that could be useful!

--- End quote ---

Am having the same thoughts  :D


Kanonet this it´s very powerfull tool!!! thanks a lot !!!  :nw: :nw: :nw:

This would be really really cool if I could actually drag the widgets around ?????


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