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This is our last game for webOS: Food & Cows. Brain Game

Food & Cows is inspired by the classic, traditional and ancient game Bulls & Cows. Bulls & Cows possibly also inspired Mastermind and Code Breaker games. We challenge you to guess what Molly the cow is thinking. Guess the sequence and test your mind with code-breaking game.




Ian Price:
AquaVenture is now available on the Palm App Catalog

AquaVenture is a prize-winning deep water action-puzzle game and it's now available for your Palm Pre. Challenging and fun, you'll encounter peril and puzzles as you traverse the depths looking for treasure in order to save the day. Observe the octopi, soak in the sponges, see the starfish, but don;t collide with the crabs or poke the pufferfish or mess with the mines! This cute retro-styled puzzle game will grip you to the very end.

Name: AquaVenture
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Cost: US$ 1.00
Min OS: WebOS 1.4.5
Application Submission Type : Appstore
Available for : Palm Pre/Pre 2


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