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I would like to propose an optional feature for the print section.

Currently, when sending a print source code, it displays black and white text. I tried to print a color printer (and also a PDF file) but does not show the font colors, etc ...

Would it be possible to add the option to print listings in colors as shown in the IDE?

Thanks in advance.


Kitty Hello:
Print!? Like: Real paper!?
That's one interesting thing.

Real paper??  Whats that?
Isnt that what brontosaurus ate??    :whistle:

Useless offtopic trivia time!

Want to know what's the most expensive liquid on planet Earth?
Oil? Blood?
No! Printer ink.

Carry on...

[But color printing to PDF could be useful for tutorials etc.]

If you have to print in color, see my quick-fix:

GLBasic code coloring tool


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