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All of my GLBasic books are free (and have been for a while now), and consist of :

* Programmers Reference Manual.  Based on the original BigSofty (and Gernot Frisch) text, it was updated and expanded to include all commands, types and all other GLBasic areas
* Cookbooks.  These are collections of routines that I have written over the years
* IDE User Guide.  How to use the IDE
* DDgui User Guide.  How to use DDgui
I'll be making all of these available at later on.  Whilst these are all in the forums (somewhere), it is hard to find!

HI, MRTatoad, this is very cool, I have a similar idea but in Spaninh.

Good luck whit the books.

Best Reards,
Iván J.

Kitty Hello:
A spanish manual would be great. But it's an awful lot of work.

If you want the text to convert to Spanish, French, German or Esperanto, I can supply the original English version...

Lulu is doing a discount for 1st November only - 25% off...


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