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But would it be used enough to justify coding it ?

I've no idea. I know I appreciate quick simple ways to get my programs to report that they are working and not somehow stalled, during the writing process (I'm not a musician, which is the other use for such a feature). I would put JPEG as a higher priority (years ago!)


--- Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Sep-04 ---But would it be used enough to justify coding it ?

--- End quote ---

In recent times has been requested by several programmers to create a function
like this. We talk about retrogames, but thanks to BEEP many old pc-games have had some beautiful soundtracks.

Bye bye,

S. P. Gardebiter:
A BEEP command would be nice.
You can indeed do nice music with just a BEEP command.
I used ConsoleBeep to make a melody with multiple instruments in VB.NET:


Would be cool to have something like this in GLBasic too :)


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