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LOADSOUND with compressed Soundfiles

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S. P. Gardebiter:
I really need this. Having a bunch of 2 MB wav files, just because I would like to play some ambient sounds for the atmosphere isn't funny guys :/

Ian Price:
Can you not convert them to .ogg or .mp3?

S. P. Gardebiter:

--- Quote from: Ian Price on 2010-Jun-05 ---Can you not convert them to .ogg or .mp3?

--- End quote ---

That's what I want to do but I read in the help file that GLBasic is not able to use .mp3's for sounds. (Only for music.)

Ian Price:
Ah, right. You want them to literally play as sounds - that'll teach me for not reading the title properly.

I can't test .ogg on my laptop (they don't play with GLB), but you appear to be correct - you can't play .MP3s with PLAYSOUND.

I could have sworn .OGG files worked for sound (on my Wiz & GP2X), but I'm not so sure now. :S

GLB's sound really is a pain at times. Perhaps it's time Gernot looked at alternative sound systems.

Kitty Hello:
what program did you use to convert to ogg, Ian?


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