Helicopter Flight Simulator Game, 2012, alpha

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July 17, 2012
The 3d particle engine is looking good, and is almost satisfactory.
Also, the engine will be rebuilt from scratch soon, as a new system for handling the 3d is planned.
June 30, 2012
A particle engine and a shader system are being prepared.
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Dec. 9, 2009
Added to the roster: Schranz0r, and Ocean, welcome aboard! S!

Time to poll for a name.

Dec, 2, 2009
Objects+Quaternions are good to fly now!
Gimbal lock shouldnt happen, i solved the issue with limits
of range and 2 special rotation algorithms.

Nov, 26, 2009
Webmasters now have a dev blog.
Link is attached to this first main message, below.
Nov, 25, 2009
I will be polling for a genre and a name to go with it.
Looking forward to everyones suggestions.

     This project is a huge undertaking, and it will require many resources from start to finish.  Nothing determined in this message is permanent, and is subject to change. The final big picture and final goals of this project, is not yet worked out. There is NO guarantee this project will ever take flight. In the early stages of this project a few goals have been set, and anyone is welcome to share thier; ideas, thoughts, documentation, external links, commentary, or anything related to flying, and programming. All flight enthusiasts are welcome: Real Pilots, Simulator Aces, Crashtest dummies, Hobbyists, Artists, Old Grouches.  This thread is the start of a long road to a high place in the sky.

     Keeping in mind, I have been a flight simulator enthusiast since the days of the AppleIIe computers of the 1980's, and have been involved in MMO flight sims till this day.  As a MMOFS enthusiast myself, i personally prefer Military Combat Sims, and I think this will be the focus of this project. I have put this message in a public place to attempt to accumulate a roster of volunteers with similiar interests to attempt to achieve this goal of getting in the air. Uncle Hemlos wants YOU, sign up in this thread or send me a PM to join the roster.

     I will maintain the NEWSBOX at the top of this message, this is where you can find some more info as ATP, as time progresses...you can find an acronym list at the bottom of this message also.

- See you in the air,
- S! Hemlos


Volunteer lists:

Game Master Volunteers:
Hemlos, Domius, WPShadow, Amarliani, Schranz0r, and Ocean.
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Huge amount of MOJO towards you for having the guts to take on this!  :nw:

Military or civilian simulator, combat or flight only?

I might help with 3d modeling/texturing. I can promise nothing but missed deadlines and unanswered e-mails, but as a person who grew on flight-sims (way back when they were the most popular genre, before FPS-es, eh...) I would love to help you out.


You rock, i will depend on your missed emails and failures to keep up with a deadline.

I dont know which type to go for, i will see who wants to help, and i will take a poll i suppose, itll have to be a community thing if alot of people help, and theyll have to like what theyre doing.

Ever play Air warrior online(i was Cz, BoOoM with skykights)? Aces high?
Battleground Europe is my current favorite....very realistic, but it has issues with servers though...too many players i think
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I could help you with the internet stuff, if you like, though my skills don't reach high enough to help you with the other things...


Welcome to the GLBFS2010 crew!
Thank you buddy, i will try to get you some information and images to play with.
Do you know how to make images? If so, you can work on a logo.

@domius: i decided military...i like air to air combat.
But also....i want to include helicopters...the time era is undecided.

@everyone: if you frequent this thread, you can use message #1(top of thread) as the main reference to progress of this big project.
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Yesssssssss... We will help... I & my Joystick!!!  8)
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Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Thumbs up for taking on such a large project!  :good:
I'm just lending moral support  =D as I'm not a huge flight sim fan (though put in a "World Air Race" type competition so there's a mode for single players that's more a game and less a sim and that may change.)  I will be keeping an eye on progress with interest though!


You mean like the "Red Bull Air Race" ?

I think its a good idea...i dont see why its not possible....it would just take time to get it all prepared. As i have a plan for the sim, which is actually an air to air combat sim.
Its more a game than a sim. But since we are in alpha stage right now, i am open to any suggestions, and all suggestions.

Ps what do you think of the name? Wonder if ms will try to sue me.

Check this out, its exciting and informative:
Detroit Red Bull Air Race 2008
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For all those watching this thread...please VOTE!
Your opion is extremely important to us!
We are a group of developers ready to roll out a new project!
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Yup, the Red Bull Air Race was what I was thinking of - but it would be better to have multiple planes flying at once - one plane flying is boring.
Quote from: Hemlos on 2009-Nov-26
I am open to any suggestions, and all suggestions.

Ps what do you think of the name? Wonder if ms will try to sue me.[/url]

So a suggestion of "make a car sim instead" is welcome?  :whistle:

I don't think they could get too upset about using "flight simulator" in the name as your product names are too dissimilar - but you could always go with "flying simulation" to be on the safe side.

I personally am not a MMO fan, I never play them as by the time I get a game, everyone else has moved on to the next big thing, and finding people I want to play against at a suitable time is usually an impossibility due to time differences. My biggest bugbear is that they rely on master servers and the servers don't hang around forever.

My personal choice is something that is fun as a single player game - then make that multiplayer. I'd like to see an emphasis on doing things (shooting, precision flying etc) rather than flying for 20 minutes to get to the next objective. I'd like to see a game made around flying races against other planes in canyons/cities etc. Any sort of 6-degrees-of-freedom plane game situated 10 km up in the air where there's nothing other than the occasional enemy or pelican to run into signifies severe levels of boredom for me.
Or make a racing car game  :P


*laugh* I notice an option to make a car game instead has appeared on the poll. Don't change it to a racing game on my behalf. If you want a flight sim, make a flight sim! (Just make it a FUN flight sim!)


Apparently someone voted for a car game, so ill leave it.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


That was me!  :nana: I redid my vote.


I am a "real" pilot and would really love to be involved in this project. Unfortunately, I do not have any time to contribute. Also, I just remembered that my yearly medical is due in December   :-[ Good luck with this project.  :good:

P.S I have voted as well. Follow you dream.......
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