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I'm making a list of game-ready model shops, if you know another ones please tell me ^^ here's what I've found so far:
(alphabetically sorted)

(fantasy characters - animals - monters) - <they have just updated new monsters and characters>

(fantasy - scifi characters - animals - monters) <new zombie pack>

(game objects)

(game objects)

(fantasy - scifi characters)

(game objects - fantasy - scifi characters) <new cool fantasy characters>

(game objects - fantasy - scifi characters) <mmorpg character pack>

(game objects - fantasy - scifi characters)

(game objects - game levels)


Is this spam? Although quite relevant spam, I've seen the exact same post many times across many sites over the last few months?


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Merchandising perhaps?


Yep, seems to be sort of a new marketing gag. You'll find exactly the same list all over developer forums on the net. But maybe someone finds this useful. Me not - I don't want to spend that much money for stuff like this - at least not if I do not make much more money with my GLB programs.  :)


Hah, this is exactly what I meant when you were discussing iPhone marketing and now it hit us :-)


Their first post too...

Kitty Hello

Should I  delete it?


 >:D I vote to get rid of it.


IMHO - be generous, let it in. Or does it _really_ disturb someone? Just ignore it otherwise.


I think this is downright rude.  :rant:
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If you delete it, please consider copying the info and putting it in another post before you delete it.  It would be nice to have a resource list for affordable media somewhere on the forums.

Kitty Hello

OK, I let it stay. I like the images. So many colours 


How about modellers who can convert concept sketches to 3d models?


Its kind of  spam, but could be useful spam for some people i think.

Now if it was offering viagra etc, then i would say delete it :)   although maybe not in a few years lol