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3d converter for ddd

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Ahh cool,

Will add it my project list, ill post it to download section.

Can I Suggest to make GLBasic Support, and load 3ds directly, so GLBasic will rock and roll?
Right now it just Rocks. hehe J/K :)

What programs did you use to make moon.ddd, in the 3d/animation/sample?
That sample is a nice animation.

3d converter doesnt make keyframed files, using multiple objects...any ideas?

Check image below for more visual info.......

[attachment deleted by admin]

Kitty Hello:
Thank you for the hints!
What program are you using to make the animations? Anim8or defaults to 100 frames. You can reduce that, however.

Right i can reduce it to, say, 2 frames. Which is what i did.
Anim8or does animations really nice...but it wont grab the surfaces like blender animation.
However, Anim8or is easy to use and understand.
I watched your tutorial...its really hard to see what exactly you are doing.

3dconvert says no nodes still, and will do 100 frames anyway even after setting it to 2.
When it finishes the 100 frames, it says, 27000 nodes created. I assume its a vertex count.

 Is this a bug with 3d convert using 3ds?
 Have you tried to import a 3ds animation yet?

Kitty Hello:
can you send the model, please?


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