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First I want to say: I loved this when it was out originally and this looks like a very nice remake of it!

Realy like the ability to save to stand-alone file, impressive :-)

Some small things:
Player animation in 8-way mode when not steering any direction is locked to show left animation. (I don't have a joystick connected)
Why not exit testmode with escape and prevent exiting the program from the escape key, ask the user instead if he/she wants to exit.

I agree, still a fun program and a very educational way for explaining the various steps that you need to do to make a Shmup, even today.

Kitty Hello:
OK, fixed this and a few quirks.

Sorry it didn't fare better in the compo Gernot. I think it's ace!  :good:

Kitty Hello:
Oh, I'm very happy with the ratings. I expected far worse.
Anyway, it was really fun to write.


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