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This is great news for independent developers and also for GLBasic  <3
I immediately get back to my Irrlicht Wrapper  =D

isnt it steam os ? a linux behind?
i fear no port from kitty for this engine.

In theory, there is no need for a specific port.
This article is really interesting about it.

Normally, Proton can make most Windows games compatible without having to modify or port them to the platform.
In addition, GLBasic already has a Linux port.
Tests should be done to know if games created with GLBasic work with Proton.

SteamOS diddent work when im tested it for years ago. But also newer heard of Proton, so its might works under that.

Im have currectly no change to test it. you can test my games etc if they works or not.

Just a purely theoretical idea for the tests:
Why not install Proton with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)  ?


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