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GLBasic has had a server change in the past.
Resulting from the server switch, many attachments across the forums are dead linked.
Most of the dead attachments are still relevant, as most are working samples, algorithms, and/or libraries.

Speaking for myself here, I will update any attachments that are dead links.
I will try to update all of them as I come across them, and as they're reported dead.

If you come across dead links, please report them within the thread that they are found, for these forum threads are linked to the creators emails.

oh ok... thanks for the information Hemlos.

Corrupted attachment in these posts:

strange those all seem to be there for me.
if you have issue within a thread please post it there, so the author can see it, thanks.

I confirm, these attachments are corrupted.
Either the end of the archive is incorrect, or the archive is completely corrupted.
Tested with Winrar 5.
Maybe this is a problem with Winrar but I doubt it as I don't have this kind of problem with attachments in recent posts.
Also, the attachment of one of these posts was compressed with my Winrar 5.


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