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Hi guys, I find this tutorial for do this kind of 3d , I think GLbasic can do something similar, and seems now is a mode using Unity, perhaps GLbasic can shading or do very high quality 3d, but this kind of graphics shows interesting, and is really very low poly.

Ian Price:
I really like the low-poly look in some games, the exception being (sometimes) where they portray people or other life-forms.

IMHO Animals/aliens/people tend to make low-poly games look really dated. eg I can't play the original PS1 Tomb Raider now, but loved it at the time.

Something like Virtua Racing is absolutely perfect (still), but the original Virtua Fighter games looks awful to me (they did at the time too tbh). Games like Virtua Racing are timeless. Virtua Fighter is not.

Strange (maybe), but that's my personal opinion.

[EDIT] Some of those examples on that site are absolutely wonderful. :)

I always loved the low poly, specially non textured ones.
Interstate 76 and Frontier are quite nice, but both follow up are not my kind of visuals.

In GLB, if we could get a radiosity or ambient occlusion shader going, it should be enough

Yes same like you Erico, the poligon without text I think always is better than a very low poly tex... I remind a game in PS1(Metal Gear Solid), when you look the hand, practically was a cube with 4 black lines for do the fingers.

About this new kind of low poly 3d is really nice, the problem I see, is a lot of people is doing this kind of graphics, is fact have logic, no textures, no too much polys, the work is a lot of less time and the results are nice.

Ian Price:
Yep, definitely. Low-poly models without textures do tend to look better (IMHO).


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