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I Purchased - Where is my License Code?

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Kitty Hello:
Please allow 48 hours for the license to be sent. I sent it already, and I'm working on a method to share keys automatically. Sorry for the small delay.

Sorry, I thought that sending it automatically  :good:.  As long as I am entitled to receive the updates? and how many computers can I install the license?

Kitty Hello:
You can use all new version with that license. I don't like trimming that.

You can install it on al of your computers. If you share with your best friend, I don't mind, either. But not over the internet with all your "freinds", please.

Thank very much for your availability.
I won't share it over the internet, seen that the price seems reasonable  :good:
have a nice day.
Best regards, Fabrizio.

Hi, I purchased a license on April 21, but it seems my mail server has some serious issues with everything sent from The emails are not even showing up in the spam folder. Here is what I tried:

I whitelisted and @* in my spam filter and used the contact form to request the license key again. I still didn't receive a reply. (I think that was on April 24.)

This evening I tried to register a forum account called "Carak" with the same email address, but I don't receive the activation email, no matter how many times I ask the forum to re-send it.

My mail server is located at all-inkl (, which seems to be the same provider uses. Could this be some kind of routing issue on their side?


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