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Blender export filter for GLBasic .dda

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Kitty Hello:
Does anyone have the specs for that format?

Download 9.6.1 SDK from here:

There's HTML help inside with LWO2 file specs.
LWO is after all binary, as it seems. LWS is ascii.


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Jan-10 ---Does anyone have the specs for that format?

--- End quote ---

I will see if I can get it soon,
things still in a hurry here ...

LW, would totally rock!

Yes I´m user of 3ds Max from 14 years ago + or -, and now I use in my free time, LigthWave, is a wonderfull tool, I think to much better thans Max, provide to make thing too much faster than another 3d suites.

Have a export plugin for ligthwave will be genial.

Kinds Regards
Iván J


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