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Excellent - assume it wont force update my existing android projects?
and the new Android format will fire on a new clean project only?

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2023-Apr-17
and you're using systempointer true, autopause false?

Hi, yes wasnt using autopause false last week - am now, not seeing the issue.

Although music keeps playing - but I haven't tried resolve the music part yet - assume a GLB On Pause with stop / start music?
Quote from: bigsofty on 2023-Apr-07
I had problems with the INTEGER command iirc. It was producing weird rounding errors. I never liked how it rounded down from 0.9 to 0 either.

BTW, as long as you store a (floating point)number in an integer variable it will implicitly be cast to an integer so no need for direct casting.

I don't use GLBs RND function (I use my own) but doesn't that produce integers? If so then I don't think you need to use INTEGER at all in your code.

Thanks - I'll check that out...
Right so...
Although some GLB aspect must have changed with the accuracy of BOXCOLL

I have solved my issue by using a modified BOXCOLL to allow for accuracy of hitbox to have a buffer per test when assuming equal tiles in grid format...maybe boxcoll had this before and it was reomoved? I'm not sure...anyway this solved my current issue :D

Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION boxcollm:qx1%,qy1%,qs1%,qs2%,qx2%,qy2%,qs3%,qs4%

IF BOXCOLL( qx1+2,qy1+2,qs1-4,qs2-4,qx2+2,qy2+2,qs3-4,qs4-4)

Also, what seems to be the issue...

BOXCOLL might be firing on 16 x 16 surrounding items - maybe there was an older BOXCOLL bug that was resolved?
But the codebase was working when last run a few years ago...

Now the collision detection is off? I'll try play around to see what happens...

BOXCOLL(vk1.vx,vk1.vy,16,16,vk1.vx + 16,vk1.vy - 16,16,16)<>1

I could have also implemented badly in old version and a recent fix could have made my current code act-up?

I have a past working project - created maps and positioned items using array values to determine they were beside each other etc.

Now the project is showing the items with gaps and other issues...

Were there any changes to variables etc.?
Also a clue, I used a lot of INTEGER() command - could that have issues?


Example of how i am using integer...

Code (glbasic) Select
startwater_top% = INTEGER(1+(INTEGER(RND(2)+3) * 16))
startwater_left% = 1+(INTEGER(RND(4)+1) * 16)
startwater_right% = ((resx/2)+1) + (INTEGER(RND(20))*16)

Code (glbasic) Select
ccx = INTEGER(cs.ca_x)
Thanks for info on this...
Currently resolved other issues - I had a to use mintargetSDK of 26 for targetSDk of 31
which is not an issue..

And adding this seems to resolve a pendingIntent crashbug...for Android 12 users
Code (glbasic) Select
// For apps targeting Android 12, add WorkManager dependency.
    constraints {
        implementation('') {
            because ''' pulled from
      play-services-ads has a bug using PendingIntent without
      FLAG_IMMUTABLE or FLAG_MUTABLE and will fail in Apps
      targeting S+.'''

I am trying next to fix interstitials to work for 20.4.0 GMS admob

Will update how I get on...
I can sort the music playing but the minimise / maximise not working 100% is a problem...
My Windows game in windowed-mode is playing music from taskbar and is not showing after sleeping the laptop and resuming or leaving for a long period...

Is there an easy fix for this? Maybe a setting i am missing?

Task Manager - bring to front doesnt work either
App is playing music which i can hear unless I shut down app fully..
I noticed a few html - AV Bitdefender errors
Not sure if was issue or a html5 method...?

Will try again soon and post if i see again...
Hi, Gernot
Do you need to have the gradle version so high?
I am compiling right now for api 31 with older gradle...

dependencies {
        //classpath ''
        classpath '' (file)

I did need to modify for a new permissions  (noticed high crash rate - so fix below should work)

Code (glbasic) Select
public static String getStringResourceByName(String aString, String aDefault) {
        //String packageName = SDLActivity.mSingleton.getPackageName();
        String packageName = BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID;

I think i ran it on my phone samsung browser...probably older version...
BTW - i tried your game, looks very good on html5!
My desktop browser was not as smooth as my mobile browser...some small Animation jerks on desktop chrome.
but mobile was not fitting to the screen correctly... i could only 25% of window for game...
Yes, but can you leave the android publishing button there, and have a separate one for your Android HTML5 or whatever/

I have 40+ apps on android. granted not all need many updates but still good to have...

Not much has changed or broken for me for android for a long time...
Ok, this new studio update is obviously a bigger update...