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The Colour Maximite 2

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It's a retro boot-into-Basic computer that you can build by yourself. Strictly a fun DIY project for the dark winter nights!  :D

Lovely! Can we get a GLB console already? :)


--- Quote from: erico on 2020-Jun-24 ---Lovely! Can we get a GLB console already? :)

--- End quote ---
We can but dream my friend, we can but dream...  :happy:

Just a PEEK in, don't POKE my pixels.

Looks nice and showes the power of BASIC :D :nw:
one thing is strange:

--- Quote ---The CPU that powers the Color Maximite 2 is an ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC processor running at up to 480MHz with 2MB flash memory and 1MB RAM
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Extremely fast with 516KB of program memory and 5MB general purpose RAM
--- End quote ---
So how much RAM memory it has? or maybe CPU has only direct access to some part of it and rest is reserved for sprites or something, because from what I saw there are some nice demos like Final Fight that may require more than 1MB..
The market for such small form computer and emulation boards has grown so much in recent years, so many Pi-kind of devices, and handheld that are more powerful than old consoles.


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