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As we know current racial situation in USA is tense, maybe due that or it was planned earlier but is running now a 'Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality', goal was to reah $5kk, already exceed that amount. Regardless the reason, beside helping this noble goal it's good opportunity to dig on for some interesting stuff. In short words, for at leas $5 You can get content from 1320 creators -> "Buy 1,657 items for $5 Regularly ~$9,193 Save 99%!". It's running from some time but will be available for next 3 days.
Ofc moslty contains game projects, but also some tileset's and other 2d stuff like animations, sprites and so on.
link to bundle

Some time ago I saw one quite original concept game, it's in this bundle so I decided to make a hint about it:

--- Quote from: dev description ---LazerGrrl is a fast-paced pvp strategy game. It combines the fury of Bomberman with the strategic depth of an RTS. Find the right balance between building your own base and blasting your opponents.
--- End quote ---

If You saw some interesting project, great art or original concept don't hesitate to write Your opinion ;]

I knew that looked familiar, I played LaserGrrrl here in Dublin - I met the devs and we had a few matches - it was the Dublin CoOp Game Meetup.

The game has been updated quite a lot since then - lot faster etc.

Small World :)

Damn! Missed out! Bundle ended!

Money that bundle made ! Wow!

Mind blowing - might affect the Steam summer sale numbers...

I saw that game one year ago or even more, and it was quite interesting, such idea of small, fast strategy-action combination seems attractive to me, and due it's graphic style fits good also for such shows. That's good in, so many good concepts/projects to discover out there, and that bundle was good way to jump in that. Sadly that You missed it out, I could write about it in pm :>
Yes, that bundle made quite some money, maybe similar bundles will follow, but more astonishing is the amount of people that bought it, it's more that 800k.. it may have some impact on Steam Sale in both ways, people will focus on larger games not small ones, because they already will have +1500 games on itch, but on other hand if some game was good enough and was in that bundle users may be interested in getting it's Steam version due additional features like scoreboards, multiplayer with friends and so on..


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