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Yes im not and newer have been fan of the Spectrum machines and have newer really been that. Howover im have do some spectrum port projects etc.

Spectrum Next which some people just have got the dev boards have got arrived, so its seen that kick start project is one of them that dont go wrong. Spectrum Next does have some extended modes, which im actuelly like, example trible AY chips as well a FM chip. The sid chip is howover gone, which is good. Spectrum using Sid would fell very weird anyway. But doing Dual AY tunes is actuelly fun.

Howover im also got asked to write some music to a Spectrum Next game. Its a port from the Nintendo DS with new fancy graphics, found the Atari 800 tune of the original, which im approvede to use Dual AY and much more. Im guess many of you know Warhawk :-).

Also im have done few tunes for fun in either Dual or Single AY. Im post them later when converted and uploaded in the Spectrum section on my homepage.

PS. Its based on the Atari 800 version, but im approvede and extended it.

The game looks and sounds great!

I am getting my ZX Next in January providing the orders are not delayed... :)

Sounds awesome! I heard this tune a billion times on slayradio. :D
Well done!

I´m not surprised about the competence on the spectrum next campaign, the 2 brazilians on the team are very pros (which is a rare thing to find around here).

Rob Hubbard, maybe my no 1 chiptune artist of all time, nice one!   :good:

Ian Price:
Rob Hubbard was indeed the 8bit Music Maestro; Thing On A spring, Monty On The Run, Bounder etc. etc. Awesome stuffage.


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