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Bug Reports / Android error when compile
« on: 2021-Feb-25 »
Here is a screenshot of the Android error...
I have DDGUI in this project - it worked before, but maybe that is a cause?

Ignore for now - I think it is DDGUI - i need to convert the javacall function...

Is there a way to grey out the windows close button or circumvent it?

Bug Reports / Project Compiling
« on: 2021-Feb-06 »
Made a copy of a project and renames folder
But when compiling older project.

Project 1

Project 1 (Copy)

When I compile from Project 1 it is compiling to distribute folder of Project 1 (Copy)

Any ideas why?

Project just hangs...

But when in Debug mode it runs fine....

Only messages I get are...
Start debug session.
DECLARE entry not found: GetPointerTouchInfo
DECLARE entry not found: EnableMouseInPointer

Announcements / Simple Turtle
« on: 2020-Nov-20 »
Hey Guys

My Turtle Logo program (created with GLBASIC) has been downloaded over 60,000 times by people in mostly india / asia

also some youtube videos for ICT classes :)

GLBasic - en / Android Saving Files
« on: 2020-Oct-15 »
did anyone have success saving and finding files on android lately?
I cannot seem to get the app to save into Media folder or elsewhere?

GLBasic - en / Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-03 »
Been a while since I used my GLB Android compile - must have been updated since.
I tried with a clean start - removing my older Android Studio folder from the app...
However, I got a Project build error with new the build

It seems to your  template for "Catch Out" is used for the manifest but the build is getting only as far as creating the file and none of the the others

Any ideas why this is happening?

Strange that only the file is being created in the project.???

Off Topic / New Covid music
« on: 2020-Jul-10 »
Hey Guys

Myself and mate formed a new Indie Folk Band

Anyhow, our first original song is here...hope you like it

Bug Reports / Win64 compiling
« on: 2020-Jun-15 »
Doesn't seem to working in latest build, for me anyway.

When I try the Win64 compile I get the .exe generating in the Win32 folder? Is this just doing Win32 or is it compiling and putting into wrong folder?


New one - early access - more features and levels to add...

Bug Reports / Android Game Loop
« on: 2020-May-27 »
Hi Sf and Gernot

Not sure how much this is down to my testing device
But two versions of a similar game Ball Breaker game - one on older compile (using 12.308) and one using v16

They should play identical - but the v16 is showing some lag and twitchy ball movement.

I am testing multiple builds - tweaking as I go - but the issue is still there - something intermittant.

Bug Reports / Android compile error
« on: 2020-May-21 »
When compiling a new clean project
Build command failed.
Error while executing process C:\Android\android-sdk\ndk-bundle\ndk-build.cmd with arguments {NDK_PROJECT_PATH=null APP_BUILD_SCRIPT=C:\Users\Lenovo\Documents\GL_PROJECTS\GLBasic\NEWGAME\distribute\android_studio\app\jni\ NDK_APPLICATION_MK=C:\Users\Lenovo\Documents\GL_PROJECTS\GLBasic\NEWGAME\distribute\android_studio\app\jni\ APP_ABI=armeabi-v7a NDK_ALL_ABIS=armeabi-v7a NDK_DEBUG=0 APP_PLATFORM=android-23 NDK_OUT=C:/Users/Lenovo/Documents/GL_PROJECTS/GLBasic/NEWGAME/distribute/android_studio/app/build/intermediates/ndkBuild/release/obj NDK_LIBS_OUT=C:\Users\Lenovo\Documents\GL_PROJECTS\GLBasic\NEWGAME\distribute\android_studio\app\build\intermediates\ndkBuild\release\lib APP_PLATFORM=android-18 APP_SHORT_COMMANDS=false LOCAL_SHORT_COMMANDS=false -B -n}

usage: [GLOBAL_FLAGS] --module [MODULE_FLAGS] [--module [MODULE_FLAGS]...]
C:/Android/android-sdk/ndk-bundle/build//../build/core/ Android NDK: WARNING: There are no modules to build in this project!   
C:/Android/android-sdk/ndk-bundle/build//../build/core/ COLOR\distribute\android_studio\app\jni\ No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target 'COLOR\distribute\android_studio\app\jni\'.  Stop.

Bug Reports / GLB Update Fail
« on: 2020-Apr-29 »
GLB failed to open after latest update!

GCC_merge.exe disk write error message

GLBasic - en / Android compile not working
« on: 2020-Apr-19 »
Has there been another update on Android?
All of a sudden  my Android Compile is failing.

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