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Off Topic / Re: Sir Clive
« on: 2021-Sep-21 »
Sad news indeed

I think Blender has become the tool with the most pioneer content nowadays. It is starting to grow above the payed competition.

In fact I´m now facing a lot of trouble for that bashing code and no pre-production, stuff is taking longer. Lots of exceptions I have to deal with and it will be slightly worse when AI time comes up.
But here another test and plenty bug fixes.

It could work. But like I said. The code is spitted/bashed. There will be trouble :D

@SnooPI , you know what would be an ace game we could work out that 3d? Shadow in the Forest.
Here is the boardgeek link, but you germans might already know it ;)

I´d think that would do a great showcase, and the underlyings would not be hard to code. It does consider shadows though, but that is in a 2d plane, so worst case we could work a 2d top down raytrace to account for that. :)

It should be possible. Most of my games can be turned 3d that way for visuals and keep it 2d internally for the game logic.
I guess this one would only be a bit troublesome with the approaching birds, that part would have to be done considering Z axis.

I can do the required 3d modeling and textures but adding it to the current spaghetti code (it is a speed code kind of game), would probably also be troublesome.
It is tempting though, but I suspect a more simple game would be easier, maybe that LV-426?

Made another video, mostly bug hunt and adding the stages.

Many rabbits fell of my hat :D
Not quite wrapped yet, but waves and stages advances, water from stages works now, and much (invisible stuff) works now ;)

Thanks! yep there may be different baddies for sure!
I need to wrap the game around before working the enemies, that means intro, game, game over, back to intro, all levels in and all waves (with simple enemies) in.
I should get there today if no rabbits fall of my hat.

Even more deving!

More testing and other features

Im tempted on either adding 1 or 2 more players to the current 3 or increase their sizes a bit :D

Announcements / Re: Manic Miner GLB
« on: 2021-Aug-08 »
Feels pretty close to the real deal, nice!

Thanks chaps, here some mechanics testing

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-03 »
Looks interesting, will check further.

Other than the GLB game itself, which should be sold for some bucks, I will release assets for a COCO 3 possible game on the COCO FB group, just won´t be coding that.
But am also working with Moru here from our community for a Maximite color 2 version (no charges). I will attempt a COCO 2 version with artifact colors and possibly a ZX spectrum and MSX version too, using MPAGD after.

But on a GLB version, one thing I would like to add is 3 player scheme, but anyways, here is the current WIP visuals.

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