Is There or it will be A Support for serial rs232 or usb with glbasic???

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Is There or it will be A Support for serial rs232 or usb  with glbasic???in all platform??

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In all Platforms not, but in Win 32 and Win CE I can say you the library made for Gernnot runs fine... Perhaps in Linux and Mac but I don't test... In another mobile deviceas I cant say you nothing more... but whit INLINE command you cand grow GLbasic to anything yo need.. (always you understand fine C++)


I Thank you moru....i will try the file as soon as possible and test it...thanks a lot...

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Thanks Moru....But the files that i found on your link is only i think for there too for mac and linux??? I need too much for them...

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HI fasasoftwaree for Linux the file have to works... If you look into the C file you can see you have preprocessor declarations for Linux and Win, for Mac perhaps the Linux mode Works, I'm not sure... but if you see the main code you can see in the Comments how speak about COM and DEV ports...

I never try, on Windows runs, but under Linux and Mac I never try, I think the best way is make a simple test... For Linux have to work, this say in the C source Code...


Thanks a lot for your reply...i will try...

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Let us know how it works out, I would like this in linux too.