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Android task switching
« on: 2012-Apr-03 »
I've just been notified by Amazon that the lack of being able to handle switching between tasks is a problem...  They used the phone as an example :

1. Launch the application
2. Select 'New Project'
3. Setup a new project
4. Enter data into 'Key Entry'
5. Enter data into 'Value Entry'
6. Select 'Add/Update'
7. Receive and end a voice call while the application is running
8. Notice when the voice call is ended the application is closed

Hopefully the next update will use an update SDL that can handle it properly...
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Re: Android task switching
« Reply #1 on: 2012-Apr-03 »
From the begining Android apps are closed/crash after sent to background by anything else.

BUT yesterday a funny thing happened to me.

My AndroTouch :) device (ICS) was running Digital Photo Frame. I touched some on-screen key (I think it was the |^|) and my app was sent to the ICS BACKGROUND. I mean, my app was running as a background image, with all the Android icons over it. It was so funny, the photos moving/displaying in the background, with his movement and all of this. Also I can not stop it, I had to restart the tablet.

I tried to replicate it with no luck.
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Re: Android task switching
« Reply #2 on: 2012-Apr-03 »
That sounds quite amusing :)

Hopefully Gernot will be able to get the latest multi-tasking version of SDL into V11...


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Re: Android task switching
« Reply #3 on: 2012-Apr-04 »
More weirdness from Amazon :

For some reason they accepted Spots : TNG (demo), although they rejected all the others  :blink:.  However, they don't pass acceptability with the Kindle Fire as the resolution isn't 600 x 1004 - which is fair enough...
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