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3D with GLBasic - movie

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Which 3D tools are you using? AC3D, Blender?


Very nice MrTatoad, a question, it´s very difficult, implement the specular shines for 3D Geomtries?¿, I think this it´s a important factor, but I don´t know if need too much CPU in devices mobiles.

About the manner of lighting, the better way it´s a Lightmap or in default a Complete Map.

A personal suggestion, if the game it´s all in 3D, becuase don´t put a little more donw the camera, I think can be more nice than view it from the top, it´s only a personal opinion.

You can modify the specular lights if you call the OpenGL functions, but they may not be available on handhelds.

This post has a bit about such things :

Could also write a shader of course...

I could do a light map, but then would have no real control over lighting, so I do it myself.

Its not in a first-person perspective as you need to be able to see everything, which would be tricky without a top-down camera

Hi Mrtatoad, ok, yes I try sometime ago to make someshaders, whit Eclipse and Manila plugin, but was impossible, and I don´t know how try in the same computer how make runs an emulator  :'( :'(

About the perspective, I think I expressed bad, I don´t mean think a first person, but turning some degrees the camera angle respect to the camera target, for looking like in perspective mode or Isometric mode.

Other part, about the lightmap, I try the Ac3d the last week, and well it´s a very easy Soft 3D and goes well, but make something complex don´t it´s too much powerfull, if you don´t intro in the huge softwares like softimage, cinema , max, maya, LW , etc and you want make a litghmap very easy and quickly use this:

I don´t know if in this moment it´s free, but I use years ago whit the Dbasic:

I suppose in Glbasic will be easy implement, but I don´t try yet, I like too much, because it´s very quick and very easy, and the radiosity calculus it´s very precise, but somtimes crash...

PS: I always make a recomendation about a modeler, for me too much better than the huge, this it´s Silo, it´s very cheaper and it´s the most quick and powerfull modeler, and very very easy... 3D not it´s like programming, only meeting 3 o 4 tools, you can make awesome things, don´t feel fear about take a look for an 3ds max, maya or something professional.



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