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I think there is also a cross platform Font Editor ;)
And building a cross 3d converter shouldn't be the Problem!


Ooh, command line versions... I'll need to look into that!

Good luck with your editor Backslider.  :good:

You can see the latest screenshot of my GLBasicIDE in the first post.
The IDE is not finished yet (haha) - It´s far away from finished!

Who would be interested in testing the IDE on Linux?

I created a test list on google docs, where you can insert bugs.
The link is in the first post.

Do you have more ideas for the list?


Hi guys,

are there any people in the forum who are skilled in C#/.Net?

I don´t have much time at the moment and I would like if sb. could help me with the IDE. :)


P.S. later this day I will upload the current source code and executable of the IDE.
If you will extend the code and it´s useful I will implement it into the original source code.

I programmed some time ago in C# and VB.Net. If you share the code I could collaborate in the project, if I have spare time between my projects. You can use some free host or version control system (SVN) to manage the code.


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