OMG we actually finished something! (FREE version available soon!)

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So, after a terrifying battle with the xcode distribution build process, our first game has just been submitted to Apple for review!

You can read about it on the appstore thread here:

Mykyl66 and myself would like to thank those of you who gave answers and advice in response to our avalanche of questions over the last few months, and our thanks to Gernot for making it possible for the two of us to realise our game development ambitions. In fact it's only taken 5 weeks to develop Hungry Birdz from concept to submission, but we have so many other ideas and concepts we've already coded, it was hard to decide which project to concentrate on, and it's an amazing feeling to finally have finally finished something we started!  :P

And when we say we're 'finished', we have a number of further features and modes for Hungry Birdz that we're dying to reveal in future updates.

Kitty Hello

Awesome game. I hope it sells very well.


Wow, the graphics are adorable.  Very professional looking.  Congratulations on getting it completed, and I think this has a chance at being popular!



Congratulations, it looks like a great start to your iPhone development!


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Very cool and nice to see.  8) New ideas can certainly get in the way but it is exciting to submit an iPhone app when it's complete.


Congrats Looks cool Sounds Funny
hope it sells well


Thanks guys :)

Weââ,¬â,,¢ve just had confirmation from Apple that Hungry Birdz will be on sale worldwide within the next 24 hours. There are big, wide grins all round here at Shark Soup Studios!

Edit: it *IS* now available on the iTunes store!


Just wanted to add my thanks as well. :D



Congratulations! The 1st title on the AppStore is always something exciting! Best of luck for it.

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Hi guys,

Just to say, we've just submitted update 1.1 of Hungry Birdz for review, and also, Hungry Birdz FREE, which lets you experience all three game modes: Arcade, Nature and Survival. Each allows you to play through 5 days of the game, and includes all the features of Hungry Birdz 1.1, and specific High Score tables for Hungry Birdz FREE.

We were going to include Openfeint in this release, but 93 high score tables in the Openfeint Dashboard looks a bit unwieldy!

If you give Hungry Birdz or Hungry Birdz FREE a go, we're interested to hear your feedback. Thanks.