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My first GLBasic game is coming nearer to completion finally,
it's not the first game I've started writing in GLBasic, just the first one nearing completion,
I want to release this one for free on iOS, Windows and OSX,
I've had a look at implementing iAds, hopefully I can use the work Trucidare and Matchy have done in that area.

But my question is,
does anyone know if I can embed ads into the Windows and OSX versions,
sorta like Flash games I guess, so that I can make a little bit of money from views and click throughs.

Wonder if this is where Squareball got it's inspiration from.
I tried to compile for OSX_uni and just got errors.
something wrong with the sound engine?

Code (glbasic) Select

*** Configuration: OS-X_UNI ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.7.861 SN:6525c6b7 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:40 commands
/cygdrive/q/Compiler/platform/Mac/Bin/../libexec/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin9/4.0.1/ld: Undefined symbols:
Mac OSX compiler wrapper
compile for PowerPC
"Q:\Compiler\platform\Mac\Bin\powerpc-apple-darwin9-g++.exe" -pipe -O3 -w -isysroot "/cygdrive/Q/Compiler/platform/Mac/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk" -I"/cygdrive/Q/Compiler/platform/Include" -I"/cygdrive/D/GLBasic/Circles" -L"/cygdrive/Q/Compiler/platform/Mac/OSX/Lib" -framework OpenGL -framework Cocoa -framework QuickTime -DMACOSX -DMAC -DTARGET_OS_MAC -DNDEBUG -DWANT_SDL -DHAVE_OPENGL "/cygdrive/C/DOCUME~1/quang/LOCALS~1/Temp/glbasic/gpc_tempg.cpp" "/cygdrive/C/DOCUME~1/quang/LOCALS~1/Temp/glbasic/gpc_temp0.cpp"    -lGLBasicUni -lSDL_mixer -lSDL -lSDLmain -lpng_uni -lstdc++-static -o "/cygdrive/C/DOCUME~1/quang/LOCALS~1/Temp/glbasic/output.obj" -DOSXUNI=1
failed (exit code 1)!
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 5.4 sec. Time: 02:09
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

wondering if this ever got implemented?

if the iPod music is playing when the app starts,
it just leaves it playing and playmusic commands are ignored.