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my brother has just got hold of a Raspberry PI and is running Raspbian on it,
does anyone know how to get my games to run on it?
Do I compile for Raspberry PI or Linux?
Also any idea how I would make it automatically boot up into my game.
So we can install it into an arcade cab of sorts.

many thanks, Quang

It all comes down to personal preference,  and as Erico it's a form of enhancing nostalgia.
Thanks for all the feedback on this.
Quote from: kanonet on 2015-Aug-27
You can simply draw an image with Alpha channel on top that contains those buttom to top lines etc. Would need proper alpha mode settings too of cause.

That's fine for the scan lines,
but I was more looking for the curve of the CRT and to some extent the separation of RGB channels.
UVMap erico?
I appreciate you may not like the effect. But that's why you give the choice to the player.
I found this cool tutorial, but no idea how to implement it in GLBasic
GLBasic - en / Simulate CRT
Hello everyone,
does anyone have any idea how I would simulate a CRT effect with GLBasic?
As covered in this article
I make a lot of stuff in a low res, like 320x200 and 256x244 and it would be nice to give the player the option to have a CRT effect in place.
I've read elsewhere in the forum that GLBasic supports shaders, but I don't know where to even start with shaders.
Any help would be great, thanks.

Talking of modern games that look like they were made on an old system, there's Rock Boshers DX

Quote from: erico on 2015-Aug-24
Here an R-type on zx spectrum type game...z-exemplar:

But it is not for the zx, it is for modern computers and portables, I think they are running a greenlit too.
The zx artifacts is well reproduced, I like it. I wonder how would today´s people react to this.

home page:
Well done putting in all the work and getting GLBasic back on track.
I appreciate it hasn't been easy, with the crash and all.
Nice one.
Graphics style is because of the artists I had to work with for the Game Jam, not my usual style.
The gameplay is the important part for me, as that's what I coded :D
Here's our game RegulatED, an Action Puzzle game written in good ol' GLBasic.
We were up first in the presentation. Managed to win 3rd place.

Download and play the game at

All comments, positive and negative are welcome, thank you.

It's like a version of the old Spectrum game Jumping Jack.
Really loving the Game Boy presentation.
GLBasic - en / Re: iOS query
Yes iOS does indeed support CREATESCREEN and allows you to use STRETCHSPRITE on the virtualscreen.
As an alternative you can pre stretch everything that you draw.
So instead of drawing a 16x16 square on to the screen at 20,10 co-ordinates, you calculate how much to scale it to the equivalent of the device and a square that size.
For example for a screen that is double resolution in pixels than the game you are making, you draw a 32x32 square instead at 40x20 co-ordinates.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2015-Jan-14
They are on this server, too. Just add the version number to the setup link. Like glbasic_sdk10.exe. Does t work?

Gesendet von meinem GT-N7100 mit Tapatalk

I tried the download link, but that doesn't work
Can you help?
Thank you very much Spacefractal,
I'll revisit my old scaling code and take a look at your font system.