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I got my copy :D
Quote from: erico on 2015-Nov-20
Gave it a go, outstanding!
I love the rain, and the enemies AI, and the gfx and the fast house music, really great work there!

I have no complains as you stated the game´s reason but, the thing I miss most is running, and grabbing is quite easy.
Really ace stuff you have there, all works flawlessly and as expected so fun is all in.

Oh my, it is so good to see GLB games of this quality out in the woods! :good: :booze: :nw:

Thank you very much for the comments.
More moves, including running would be a nice addition.
Originally grabbing was difficult, but I made it easier, as it was so much to do, especially grabbing them out of the air.
I've really enjoyed my time with GLBasic, I signed up and payed for the full version back in 2010.
Crazy to see it develop over the 15 years.

Off Topic / Re: Test project
It's looking very awesome,
love the smoothness of the hills and valleys.
Do me a small favour and make the bounding box of that test ball sprite transparent ;)
Back in 2000, I made a port of JetPac for the GameBoy Color called JetPak DX, it was my first GameBoy game and helped me to learn C and z80 ASM.

I'm looking forward to your book.
Speccy BASIC is where coding started for me.
Quote from: erico on 2015-Nov-14
Haven´t tried yet, but I´m a fighters fan...will savour this in a couple days.
The video is so tempting, heck of a job :good:

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2015-Nov-11
Wow. Thst's cool.

Thank you. tried to make it as "juicy" as possible.
Added a youtube link.
I'm not sure how fast the MOD or the POW commands are, may not be so good for time critical sections of a game.
How has 12 years passed?
Happy belated birthday GLBasic
Quote from: GarBenjamin on 2015-Nov-07
This is excellent! Good fun game. Great job!

Appreciate the comment.
Glad you enjoyed it.
For a friends birthday we made a Streets of Rage style game, with him in it.
It was a lot of fun to do, and probably the most complete thing I've actually made in GLBasic.
Check it out, and as always, all comments greatly appreciated.

thank you :D
So it looks like the problem I am having is
VSync unsupported on old SDL versions (before 1.2.10)

I am still using GLBasic 12.308
The PI I believe is running SDL 2.0.3
I usually create a screen first, draw my tiled background to that from a 2 dimensional array,
then use DRAWSPRITE to draw the background.
I want to know how to run the games I make with GLBasic on a Raspberry PI.
If I compile for GLBasic I get a .bin file and if I compile for Linux I get a .linux file.

I used the ./ before the file name and some of the programs I've compiled start playing music,
but then error on trying to load a font :(
Anyone have any ideas?