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Hi mentalthink,
thanks for your quickly response.

I just try to load the example from PeeJay's Game Programming Tutorial tread :)

By the way now I check the path!

just installed all the software (glbasic - windows xp and virtual box)
without any problem.

Obviously I also update via web update GL basic to the latest version.. but I have a problem

When I run sample project where GL basic load sprite or background, I can see only a black screen.

Otherwise, when I try with sample where there are line or polygon, the render is done.

Any solution?

Hi MrTAToad,
I just surfed all the tread without success.
Also I try to use search with "screen joypad" words,
but I can find the topic.

Can YOu give me the right link?

second post :)
I'm new on GL Basic, so sorry about these qestion.

1) There is a way to simulate a virtual joystic/pad on iPhone?
2) Did GL Basic support the zoom always on iPhone?

GLBasic - en / iPhone "tab"?
first post, so hello to everyone.

Just a simple question.
Glbasic support the iPhone tab? (I mean the possibility to switch the scren simply tapping on the icon like favorites, or recents or contact as image post below.