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I am using INIOPEN to save and load some simple files that hold persistent data. Although not documented as such, I noted in the examples and other code on the forums that using INIOPEN "" after you've done your last INIPUT writes that file to disk, seemingly by calling a 'null file' to open.

However, when I call the save function next, I get the following error in the debug console on opening my file:

fopen("/var/mobile/Applications/<etc>/Documents/file.dat", "rb") failed

and when I next call INIOPEN "" at the end of the function, I get:

request: fopen("", "rb") failed

To clarify, there are two seperate files I am saving to, and I have to assume that they may have made changes and saved to the preferences file before I am next able to call the save file, so I can't just 'leave it open', as such.

I know that I could use OPENFILE and then explicitly call CLOSEFILE, but it seems so, so much easier for my purposes to use INIOPEN because it does all the hard work of formatting it in a readable format. To further clarify, apart from these debug messages, what I'm trying to do works just fine!

1) are these considered 'just for info' messages? And I don't mean just by you guys!  :P  What I mean is, would Apple reject it as a bug?

2) Is there any way round it? Am I ordering something wrong? Is there a way to explicitly TEST if a particular file opened for writing with INIOPEN is *still* open and therefore not make the duplicate call?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom or advice you can impart  :)

I'm almost certain that is true, but I don't think the two issues are related, because even when the states are definite, ie, I am playing music and I tell it to stop, with or without an evaluation, I get this error.

But yes, I'm not sure how useful the ISMUSICPLAYING() evaluation really is, because certainly in my testing using debug prints, it quite often reports that it's not when it quite obviously is (to clarify, playing a non looped track, 'ISMUSICPLAYING' reports true in a looped evaluation for some of the track, then seems to stop early. I mean, very early. Like, seconds away from the end). I have no idea how it's evaluated, but I had idly wondered whether it had anything to do with bitrate of the mp3, ie, yes, it plays, but isn't '100% compatible'.  Or I could be way off base :)

But really, thats not the issue so much here. I simply want to issue STOPMUSIC when paused, or when ending the game. And that always generate this buffer error.

Though yes, solving the pausing/stuttering in what ought to be a seamlessly looped track would be nice to solve, too!

I had considered, given that I know the exact length of my track to the millisecond, creating a timer function that forcibly replays it NON looping, but haven't gotten around to testing the theory yet to see if it's any more agreeable than the noticeable pause it causes when set to loop. It might well be a futile exercise, given that the one command to loop, with no evaluations, ought to have far less overhead than an extra timer, constant evaluation and reissuing the play command, no?!

not really, other than no matter how well my music track loops in the sequencer and various players, there's always a slight pause thats even noticeable in the frame rate of other stuff thats going on when playing it in glBasic.

In terms of the error itself, it doesnt seem to make any difference. I'm just interested to know what would cause it considering I've used exactly the same methods in other projects and yet this is the first time it's produced that error. Well, that and I'm not sure if you can submit an app that is, strictly speaking, producing errors. Will be a first for me, so not really sure whether it matters to Apple or not!

No one? Really?  :(


I'm getting "Error enqueuing new buffer: -66632" in debug on an iPhone compile specifically when I stop the (mp3) music, which is consistent with how it's documented here:

But even though I know what the state of the music toggle on/off ought to be, I am still explicitly only issuing a STOPMUSIC command if ISMUSICPLAYING() = TRUE, which surely ought to combat exactly that problem (ie, rather than just brute-force issuing a STOPMUSIC even if it was already stopped, which is when I'd expect to see this kind of error)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Code Snippets / Re: ManyMouse
« on: 2010-Jan-13 »
Apologies for the necroposting!

This looks like exactly what I need in order to test some multitouch routines during dev on Windows. Unfortunately the link to 'manymouse.dll' is dead, and I couldn't find it on MrTAToad's site

Assuming this would still work for the current version of GLBasic, is it possible to get my hands on the DLL? pretty please?

GLBasic - en / Re: Default.png Splash Screen
« on: 2009-Nov-25 »
Thanks! Will give it a try!

GLBasic - en / Default.png Splash Screen
« on: 2009-Nov-25 »
I'd like to know more about the apparently undocumented feature for instant splash screens, please?

I first read about it in the 'Crackshot' thread, but there is still insufficient information there for me to be able to decipher how to use it. Tried it about six different ways so far and no joy. So if anyone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

From what I understood from that thread, if you have a full screen sized image called "Default.png", it should display instantly on running the app.

What wasn't clear is:

what platforms does it work for?

Where do you put it? root folder? app folder? media folder?

does it need ANY code to enable it? I got the impression it didn't.

either way, does it use a bitmap identifier? does it unload automatically after use?

If there is any documentation on it, perhaps someone can point me to it. If not, perhaps information on it ought to be added to the help file?



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