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GLBasic - en / Universal App
« on: 2011-Mar-22 »
Is it possible in GLBasic to create a universal app that runs on both the iPad and iPhone?

I tried searching, but couldn't find anything

GLBasic - en / Glowing Lines
« on: 2010-Jul-06 »
Just wondering how I can achieve this effect in GLBasic


Bug Reports / Problem with MOUSESTATE
« on: 2010-Jun-14 »
Not sure what is wrong as it's worked fine before but now I get an error when I use the MOUSESTATE command.
I tried just the sample in the help document: -
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
WHILE TRUE // Endless loop
  LimitMouse(100, 100, 400, 300)
  PRINT "<=", mx, my // <-- THE ERROR IS ON THIS LINE

// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
// -=#  LIMITMOUSE  #=-
// MOUSESTATE mx, my, b1, b2 (GLOBAL)
// With limiting of the area
// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
FUNCTION LimitMouse: minx, miny, maxx, maxy
  // These variables are defined LOCAL:
  // minx, miny, maxx, maxy
  MOUSESTATE mx, my, b1, b2
  IF mx<minx THEN mx=minx
  IF mx>maxx THEN mx=maxx
  IF my<miny THEN my=miny
  IF my>maxy THEN my=maxy
  SETMOUSE mx, my

and I get the following error: -
"test.gbas"(3) error : variable is not explicitly defined : mx

I was using the new v8 beta, so I uninstalled it and installed the current version 7.301 and I still get the same error.
Any help is appreciated, thanks

Announcements / iSquareD on the AppStore
« on: 2010-Jan-05 »
Yesterday I officially became an iPhone developer with my first GLBasic game iSquareD and I'm over the moon.

After I announced it here, I got a PM from Gernot offering some improvement ideas for a newer version and also suggested that I should start a topic so others can comment on it easier.

Gernot suggested that I could polish it better by adding a custom font, sound and maybe background(s).

I had planned to add sound, a better font, maybe music, different power-ups, different enemies, better graphics but I never thought about backgrounds as I thought that this might detract from the game and make it harder to see what you were doing.

All opinions are welcome.

PS. I have to say that I love GLBasic, this game took 3 hours to port from BlitzBasic SquareZ, all while never used GLBasic before.
Congratz to GLBasic,  <3

Bug Reports / Compiling for the iPhone
« on: 2009-Dec-22 »
I've purchased the GLBasic SDK lite and tried to compile a program for the iPhone.
When I try and open the .xcodeproj file in Xcode, I get the following error: -

Unable to Open Project
Project [project path].xcodeproj cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed.

Did I need to buy the premium version?
If so, can I upgrade?


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