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Bug Reports / Re: iPhone PLAYMUSIC
« on: 2009-Nov-10 »
Excellent stuff, great to see speedy updates to bugs :)

Bug Reports / Re: iPhone PLAYMUSIC
« on: 2009-Nov-08 »
I've found a dirty work around for this issue  =D

Add a second of silence to the begging of your music. Create a one second silent MP3 and do the following anytime you need to play music

      PLAYMUSIC "blank.mp3", TRUE
      PLAYMUSIC "music-01.mp3", TRUE

Music will then only start somewhere in the second of silence and not effect the tunes  :good: - Not perfect, but it works for now.

Bug Reports / Re: iPhone PLAYMUSIC
« on: 2009-Nov-07 »
I have just come across this exact same issue too :S

I was going to submit my game to Apple tomorrow but I can't find away around this playmusic issue. I've tried "matchy's" idea but it's exactly the same.

I thought with iPhone apps everything is automatically included in the <appname>.app file after it's built in XCode?

License code arrived an applied, thanks  :good:

When you have downloaded the full version you can just click the update button to get the latest version.

So it does  =D - Updating now, thank you :)

GLBasic - en / Just purchased for iPhone usage
« on: 2009-Aug-26 »
A few days ago I downloaded the demo out of pure curiosity as I saw you can now compile for iPhone/Touch..

Very sceptically I knocked up a quick test with a few sprites rotating (very advanced  :whistle:), compiled, copied the XCode project over to my macbook, zoomed into XCode to build, error!!. A quick change to enter my bundle ID, clicked build... it compiled... It installed on my iPhone... It WORKS!!! - How easy what that!

I have a license for Unity iPhone but I loathe the overhead of exe's and I'm NOT paying the silly high price for the pro version just to strip out bits I don't use. That should be a minimum feature. I tried the Cocos Iphone route but Obj-C makes me physically sick in the way it's structured  :'(

Anyway, I digress. I'm ecstatic that someone has finally given a straight forward language the ability to create for iPhone. Ideally I'd like a Mac version of GLB too but you can't have everything can you? =D - So for now, Parallels with XP in Coherence mode does the trick  :good:

Just waiting now for my license to be emailed through :)

I see there's a link to the latest beta on the new page but it doesn't work? - I'm interested in downloading the latest beta as it has a few updates for the iPhone like setting the screen to landscape without the need to use the screen rotate code.

Where do I download that version from ( - V7.089 ) or will I get a link to that with my license code?

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