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It's my second! :D

Title : iBall2
Format : iPhone/iPod iOS 4.31
Price : Free for 4 Levels, InApp Purchase for all levels

AppStore Link :

In iBall2 your task is to navigate one or more balls to the designated target, without touching any obstacle! Control the ball by tilting your device.

Be careful!  :x
Be vigilant!  :P
And good luck!  :good:

Use the handy In App Purchase feature to unlock the game mode to all amazing levels.

[attachment deleted by admin]
i'm missing the declaration of the GLB_iBT_PeerID() in the .h or .mm file, can someone post the code with this declartion,
hat sich schon jemand mit den net befehlen auf dem ios beschäftigt? funktioniert dies wenn beide devices im gleichen netz sind oder sind die net befehler mehr für PC gedacht? Suche nach einer Lösung für ein Multi Player Game wo zwischen den devices informationen ausgetauscht werden müssen. sonstige alternativen wie Bluetooth oder Wifi bekannt ?
thanks, very good idea. simple and make it smoth. think I like to adapt this

I have a question, how do you controll this smoth walking on the ground. I undrestood who do you build the levels but I try to understood where you must place the red wizard when he is walking up or down ??
so to write in english... is there now any version for iAd with ios 5.x, in another english forum entry I saw that since ios5 there is a problem with the iAd (White banner bug) and there was no solutions for this.

which xcode version you use ? which GLB Version do you use ?

Quote from: Crivens on 2012-Feb-14
Yes, mine (Snake Revolutions) went on there a couple of days ago with no problems. You can get a free promo code if you look on the bonus board if you want to check it out.

What demo mode? I thought you couldn't compile for iOS with the demo version of GLB...

have try a lot of thing together with Gernot. new serial, new installation on my old laptop, I have the error again and again but not when I submit it to my ios devices (iphone, ipad)...

in the help for the ipad I saw that the Base iOS must set to ios 3.2, I have only installed iOS files for 4.3, can this be the reason for the error or is this just an old text in the online manual ?
I have update one of my app with a premium and registed versionof GLBasic  and test  it with the dev certificate on my iphone ios 5.0.1. Everything is ok and the app is not running in the demo mode (no white rect upper left every 30 seconds, and the app will not stop after 3 minutes). The App was compiled with xcode 3.x
When I sign the distribution certificate to the app and make a new build (first cleaned up) for the delivery via App Store, the app will create. I zip the new build and submit it to Apple. A few days later I get the OK from Apple that the code is testet and it is ready for sale. When I load the app via App Store I allways have the Problem, that the app is running in the demo Mode (white rect upper left and it stop after 3 minutes...)  :rant:

Has somebody build and and deploy an app in App Store in the 2012? And is everything works fine ? Has anybody an idea why this happens?  :giveup:

Thanks for any feedback  :enc:
PLATFORMINFO$("DEVICE") is nice but has someone a good peace of code to get the ios version of the iphone ?
asking because I have some code who makes problem with ios5 !!!!
GLBasic - de / Re: Alphamode
mach mal ein showscreen dazwischen und es wird gehen...,hier ein auszug aus meinem Code wo ich das verwenden...

  FOR i = -1 TO 0 STEP 0.1
    xPrint("LEVEL", -1)
and do not start with sprite counter by 0, better start by 1, I had with a big project problem after showscreen when there was a sprite defined with nr. 0. I don't now why but after I have fixit to 1 the screens show correctly  :S

LOADSPRITE "./Media/spritename.png",1

die beiden MAC sind natürlich echt , aber die windows Maschine auf dem der glbasic code erstellt wird läuft als virtuelle maschine auf vmware fusion 4.1.1. hilft das weiter ?
nice example for the UUID but who can I get the version of the ios?

exist there an example for that or can someone help. Thanks