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Well done  Mr. Schranz0r
Congratulations !!! Very nice game ...

edit: HTC Desire 816 (working perfectly)
Hmm I'm made it about 40 minutes and I'm shared the
source...  Yes my first game was arkanoid too.
After playing with Godot engine and watching CalumK Tutorial im decided to make this one in GLBasic
cheers ...

inspired by:
spacefractal my doughter playing your game on android non stop

Whis is a game created by my friends and its only inApp purchases they are make a lot of money ...
I think that inApp purchases and few other things should be added ...

I Love GLBasic but becouse its missing thie few features im looking for other similar software :AGK, Monkey, Construct2, Citrus engine they are very good but im really have a fun coding in GLB and i believe that this features will be added ...

Thanks Erico im glad you like it :)
All textures all tileable ...
I rip them of from the link above and put to separate files ...

Like this one ?? ;)

It's really speed modeling but tommorow i can add more details ...
Textures are taken from:

So what you think guys ?
Why don't create a 3d model of the track and textured it with tiled textures ?
"At the moment I'm developing a pipeline from Blender to GLBasic using the EntitySystem and the main thing is done I think."

Its Awesome ... Im using blender in my work every day


It is fast coded application (very very simple)
but its useful for me in Cardio Training, maybe this could be useful for someone ...

I'm include a source code ...

regards ...

red - you have a 15 sec breake
green - you have heavy cardio like excersise
blue - you are finished yours cardio training

good luck ;)

i think that mentalthink solved it ;)


im really like flat shading its looking like AMIGA or Sega Genesis x32 style :)

good job :)
FAQ / box2d 2.2.1
In my project im using wrapper found in this forum, its very old box2d version where many of features are missed ...
I'm not c programmer and my trying to make a new wrapper but without help is like a joke becouse im to dump for that ...
But with little help i can try, or maybe somebody has working version of new box2d lib ???

Quote from: mentalthink on 2012-Nov-28
I would like to see a "extends" function in GLBasic, but I don't think that Gernot will implement it.
Many people before (including me) asked for this feature but Gernot don't want "real" OOP in GLBasic because of it's "complexity" for beginners.

I think this it's a good point for the new people but bad for people we are using GLBasic for some years... I think solve this problem not it's too much complex, I think the forum will have an specific post, like a mini course for begin whit Glbasic and the getting skills.... I say this because when I begin whit GLBasic I don't know about the book of MrTatoad after a year, and I stay in the forum each day from I started...

PS: I think if any one of us write a little chapter explaning, very softly how make things can be great for people new in the forum... I don't wanna say a book, only a few pages explaining concepts from easy to "hard"

What book ?