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Over on Slant, there is a list of game engines - would be good if people could vote for my recently added GLBasic nomination.

The link is - need to scroll near the bottom and then vote.

Let me know if anything needs to be added to the pro's (or con's) list.




There are plenty more "goods" but somehow I fear adding it as it might just be me...

. >10 years support from the author.
. No hidden fees, very accessible eternal and beyond license.
. Free for 2d home use.
. Extremely diamond pure old school easy coding, no visual drag´n drop bullshit.
. Superb support from what is to be the best forum the human race is capable of generating so far (troll and spam and ads free!).
. Made in the Nation that beat Brazil 7-1 and are World Cup Champions, so it is the best tool there is.
. No cheap annoying marketing all around, a secret society tool for those that know what they want and need.

There is more.


Good ideas there!



Only 4 votes!?  Is everybody on vacation - or  :bed: ??!
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Probably enjoying the sun those people are :)

Would it be ok if I add some of my GOOD?

just added the:

Free use: Create apps for non commercial 2D programs running on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The extension to create programs for other platforms, 3D or network applications requires a license key. Otherwise the "Premium" programs are limited to 10 min runtime for test purposes. There is no trial limit for the development environment.


I've added that.


ops I already have done that too, should I delete mine?


No, I've changed mine!


Now 6 votes after mine.


I thought it was so good I voted twice (once with facebook, once with google+) :)

Ian Price

Voted. :)

Don't you get the impression though that some people are never happy, no matter what? Hmmm :/
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I don´t even get an ´impression´ anymore... I´m sure one of the reasons humans came to this world must be to ´complain´ :P

edit: I´m kind of reading some comments on the other tools...lots of crazy stuff, some I didn´t even know, specially monstruous prices...
edit2: this one is really great about unity:
Elitist attitudes
Quite a few people in the community have highly elitist attitudes and are quick to put down people using other game engines.

haha :D