# = a float (4 bytes) or a double (8 bytes)?

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Hot Dog Hero

How do you determine (while a program is running) if variables declared with a # are a float (4 bytes) or a double (8 bytes)?

Hot Dog Hero


You shouldn't really need to know.  If however, you do for some reason, you would need to use INLINE C code.


It's float in mobile and limited resources platforms (ARM), and double in desktop platforms.
I think you can use the GLB platform defines.


Like MrT said you can use sizeof() in inline to know what is used - or you force GLB to always use floats on your variable, instead of LOCAL a# just call LOCAL a AS float. So you know that you always use a float - but be aware that you cannot use some GLB functions with this variable or if you can, you add "slow downs" cause of typecasting.
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