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(note: I know I shouldn't use flat colors, I'll create properly textured models later)

work-in-progress/alpha version download ->

I wanted to do a 3D game, but I figured it's best to start simple. So at the moment I'm working on a Space Invaders game using 3D models instead of bitmaps. :) It has several levels and power-ups. Still lots of stuff to add like score display, player destroy, level intro etc.

I don't normally do this, I usually don't post about a game until it's "ready". But hopefully it will be just a little extra motivation to finish this game and maybe also get some feedback. :good:



im really like flat shading its looking like AMIGA or Sega Genesis x32 style :)

good job :)
glbasic roxx !!!


A wire frame visual would come cool too.
The main ship reminds me of SILPHEED:

Looking good. I am interested in 3d too, just not done anything about it yet. :)

Ian Price

That looks great. Sometimes flat shaded polys look far better than poorly textured models. Take a look at Virtua Racing - that looks awesome. Then take a look at every 3D F1 style racing game ever since - they all look crap in comparison, despite near-photo-realism.
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Same reason I can only play ELITE frontier, not the newer PC frontier II crap hehe, I love flat polygons. :good:


Very Cool!!

I love the flat polys too, I rebember when I look the first textured polys... if you are near... what *love* it this.. ?¿,


Looks fun. Great idea for a first venture into 3D gaming.


oh heck, don´t call me grandpa, but the very first 3d program I used was videoscape 3d, back on the amiga, it could do about flat polygons.
I love it. had to code your objects.
edit: ^now you know why I love lightwave so much :P

Back on subject, let us know how it is going, a video maybe?


Great! Put some galaxy backdrop and sunlight shadow and done! I can't wait to play it.  :whistle:


I have to agree with Ian and others - I love the flatshaded look too.  :good:

If you plan on putting in textures, then also please consider letting the player chose between that and flatshaded mode. ;)
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Nice! I especially like the red-white umbrella starship. :-D
Textures can add realism, but they can also kill the feel of the game. One thing I've learned is, don't try to be like the big game companies. I think, you could go for textures, but I suspect it would take much more time to get it "right".

I'm afraid of programming in 3D so I'm going to run away now.


I also like the flat shaded look, just like in Starfox for SNES. 8) I think I'll use a texture that is mostly just prime colors, with minor actual texture only some "techno" stripes or something. I suspect from reading on the forums here that the Android & iPhone hardware work better with textures than with flat shaded colors. Is this correct? Because I want to release this game on the appstore and Google-play.

Btw the umbrella bonus UFO looks the same as in my old Cash Invaders msdos game. :) I'll post another update this weekend maybe.


Great, yep it is said you should use textures.
So you can go with a pure color texture, results will be the same.

But I agree with the "techno" stripes and so on.
Like minecraft, has pixel art for textures.

You are not using transparencies right?


Ahhh crap, love that idea!

How about a option to "zoom in " into the spaceship to play it from the 1st person...
So you can toggle in and out ingame?!
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Quote from: erico on 2013-Feb-27
You are not using transparencies right?
Nope, I don't use transparencies. Do you ask this because those are performence killers too maybe?

And yes, I will add 1st person perspective but only as easteregg.. ;)