AquaVenture - new game for Dragonbox Coding Competion

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Ian Price

Here's my entry for the Dragonbox Coding Competition 2012/2013.

It's a retro styled arcade adventure puzzler set under the ocean.




PC -

[EDIT] Added a Wiz version. There's a long pause at the start of the app - it hasn't crashed, it's unpacking the gfx/sfx.
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That looks great Ian. Lovely graphics as usual. And the intro is very cute. :good:

I couldn't solve the first level that came up though (with an exploding barrel), but after exiting to the menu and starting again it started with an easier level (and the intro, which it didn't the first time).
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WOW love the graphicstyle!
I'll give it a try at home later.
I <3 DGArray's :D

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 :-* :-* WOW!!! This it's really nice, and fun!!! It's awesoming graphics, and the music, it's nice nice... You don't port to iPhone or another phone... Really I love this game... If you leave I put into a RetroForum of my Country, I think they will love your game... I like a lot, very very nice!!!  :nw: :nw: :nw: The music, I have into my brain yet!!!  :rant: :rant: this company to my all the rswt of day  :P :P


Can't get it to run on Pandora but I know there is lots of problems getting them to run sometimes. Tried rebooting but no luck.

Ian Price

Cheers chaps :)

QuoteCan't get it to run on Pandora but I know there is lots of problems getting them to run sometimes.


The Pandora version should just run. Have you put the .pnd into the "app" directory?

I've never had a .pnd not run.  Can you re-download and try again? :'(
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Yes it starts if I put it in the APP directory, thanks :)

Wonder why somethings just don't work in the menu folder.

The game looks very nice and now I'm stuck at 8 meters.
Intro started on first play, no problems there. However once when I was stepping right (on depth 8), the first sponge did not move down when I passed it on the way to the right.

Ian Price

QuoteHowever once when I was stepping right (on depth 8), the first sponge did not move down when I passed it on the way to the right.
Never seen this behaviour. Was there nothing under the sponge as you passed over-head? Did restarting the level sort out this problem?
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I haven't been able to recreate it and it was directly from the start of the level, no sponges had moved yet.

Some thoughts:
Is there some way of restarting a level except for hitting escape and then continue?
It feels a tad slow with the short pause between every step when you need to travel longer distances.
The play-icon could be more obvious so you know when the intro sequence is running or not. (not very important, just a bit confusing first time)

Ian Price

Yes - click the little bubble icon in the top right of the Pandora screen.

The game is designed to be a thinker, rather than move fast and forget. Some puzzle require slow, steady and accurate movement (see later), so speeding up the game would affect the difficulty even further later on. This is exactly how I wanted it.

That icon isn't anything to do with the intro - it's the restart level button. Too large and it would be noticeable in-game.

[BTW] This info is in the Read Me ;)

Thanks for your Repo rating and comment  =D
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Ah, replay button, logical when you think about it and no I didn't notice it when playing it :-)

It's a bit hard to get to the readme file on the pandora, isn't it? I just lost my pandora to my daughter when she saw me playing with those divers so can't have a look atm... :-)

Yes I agree, it really needs to be this slow, those later levels are hard.


its seen and play like a very cool games.

If you doing a new version, here is my quick throught:
- the music chops when looping. Music should been finished totally and loop, so you dont here the chop/delay. The music its self is very cool and simple. I like that tune.
- Z quit the game, which is pretty annoying and not normal using that key (why not escape and/or alt/f4?). I thinks its due its was thinks the german keyboard, not english.
- I believe seen the extracly same issue as Sokurah did as well with the exploding barrel and behaiver. I thinks its was played the last level (depth 30 me thinks its was)?

dispite those issues, its a great little game, cute and nice graphics, music and the wavy water background. Thinks its could works well for Android as well iOS, if you still have accounts there.

PS. level 7 is a very strange level, due the green enemy movement, which take some time what its really done how its move. The level its self its pretty fine, but should been a little more clear.
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Ian Price

I'm not entirely sure why the pc version starts at that level - it doesn't on my pc.

ESC does quit the game, not Z here. Dunno what's happening there.

Music loops correctly on my pc, the Pandora and  Caanoo. Seems OK on Wiz too. There's no choppiness at all.

I do plan to release it on webOS and Android at some point (when I actually get an Android phone). I do have an iOS account still so I really should make use of it.
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I thinks its only happens on new game without savefile. This was also extracly same issue with Greedy Mouse crash in v1.1.

glbasic have never looped music correctly and you sometimes or allways hear a little "click", so you cant trush that at all. So better end the tune and start over again, then you would not hear the "click". I could also not seamless loop with Jungool as well due same issue, a game wrote directly in xcode. So Gernot can do nothing here.

Z quit game in the menu, but its does its correctly ingame throught. So just remove that key shortcut.

PS. Where do its save its games, im not happy when its dosent tell where, so I would try the game from beginning to checkout the level 30 issue.
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Ian Price

I just realized what the Z key problem is - Pandora, Caanoo and Wiz share various key values for their buttons. Obviously there's some over-lap. As the pc is actually not the original target and intended version I never considered this. Once I have a list of known bugs/issues I'll do an update.

The Pandora has to save the game to the Documents folder (you can't write to NAND), so it's in the C:\Users\YOURNAME\profile.cfg on Windows pc, where C: is your main HD name.

As for sound/clicks, sometime it's down to your soundcard and not the .MP3. I definitely do not get clicks in the music.
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