great Google !

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Uau, remembers me visiting my dad´s workplaces when kid.
There were already dumb terminals with that xmit key, but that tape reading washing machine was there with the main computer in a subzero temperature :O

Will have to pass the link to my father, thanks for noticing Marmor :good:


Funny, but not something I'd want to do more than once.  :doubt:
Website: Tardis remakes / Mostly remakes of Arcade and ZX Spectrum games. All freeware. :-)
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Where it's the Basic  :D for the Card... I only put 555 and don't works nothing...

It's really cool, I think my colleagues will love it...

Thanks!!! Very Nice!!!


I wonder, are the  image search resoults filtering the real image to ascii? seems like a yes to me, great but slooow.