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I know there's a "where are you from and what's your story" thread, but bear with me here. I want to know where you're all from, because I have an idea.

Right now I'm developing a UDP multiplayer model based on the Quake 3 model, for my game. I'm still in early development right now, but once I have integrated my network model into my game, I will need testers. Testing with my friends nearby where I live would be somewhat ok, but I figured, if I really want to know how my algorithm treats UDP packet loss, I will have to have more testers, who are not so nearby.

Once I have set up my networking model in Red Wizard Island, I will post a thread on this forum inviting anyone who wants to play a game of Red Wizard Island against the other GLBasic members, to do so. I will host the game, and so I have to pick a time and date for the event (and hope you all show up!).

So, in order to pick a time during which most of you are available, I figured, I'd pick a time somewhere in the evening, probably on a saturday. I suspect most of you are from Europe, as I am, but who knows. So tell me, where are you from?


Please note: I'm a long way from in-game multiplayer integration, but this will happen! I think it'd be cool to play against you guys. :)


I´m from Spain... 


Sounds fun r0ber.

im from florida
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


I'm from the very rainy and cold UK :)
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I'm from Denmark. Copenhagen more precisely. :)
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Ontario, Canada
Can't wait to test this!
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Im form Warsaw - Poland
glbasic roxx !!!


Spain here too. Using the NL servers at http://www.pingtest.net/ I get a ping time of about 70ms.


Same as Spicypixel, cold & rainy UK  :D

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Quote from: fuzzy70 on 2012-Nov-16
Same as Spicypixel, cold & rainy UK  :D

I'm from cold and foggy UK. No rain here (at the moment, anyway).
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British Columbia, Canada.

r0ber7 this is a good idea for GLB multiplayer testing. We can try testing with different devices, too, if the game is going to be playable on tablets, etc.


Denmark, just outside Copenhagen.
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Wow, beautiful sights there.


The middle of nowhere, here. Joder que guapo!!!  :o !!!... I like to change Barcelona for someplace like this... this have to be very very calm... not like this...