3ds max for casual mobiles

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Hi, only for advice... I look this video in Youtube use 3DS max for casual games... (all this can do another too!!!, but only for if anyone are interested)


PS: @erico I know Lw it´s 1K times better but don´t say nothing  it´s a secret btw us :whip: :whip: :whip:   =D =D =D =D  :booze: :booze: :booze:


Neat, but it deals on how to export from max to engines, like unite or flash.
I thought max had a game engine inside... =D

Heck, it has been a year I didn´t play with max, soo many buttons and separeted environments!
And they just about added procedural textures? oh my god... :P

On another hand, the layer painter is really cool, love it.
Also, that cat way to rig things seems really good game wise! and the motion editor too.

But in lightwave thea sdhidufhy cogh gasp...never mind :P I mean, blender, yep, blender has an in game engine and could also sport similar things.
I read that Paper Wars actually used blender and parts of its game engine + self 3d engine to get done, it also runs on a caanoo! :O
Paper wars is here:

Which led me to ask, does anyone have any experience with the blender game engine?
Maybe it is possible to mix it up with GLB?


Yes erico, take the 3D engine of blender , this will be awesome... I look some games and they are very good... in GLBasic the 3D not it´s bad, when you add something whit OpenGL, it´s very easy make very nive things... I only show a little problem, we have newton library but in Mobile devices don´t works... sometime a did try whit Box2d joining in 3D, but sometimes the movement not are the desired...


I still have to give a better go on the GLB 3d...thought maybe better to do a few 2ds first. :)