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Hi I don´t know if someelse know about this, I make a quick search and I don´t see nothing...

Seems Amazon have a internal market for Android App, I don´t kwno how works, I read somthing about this an this other, but I think only it´s for USA... I´m not sure about this... but well seems another market on we can sell App...


I am curious if anybody has published something via Amazon's market?  With the way Kindle Fires are selling, this is something I would like to target.


You can only sell to the US but there is nothing stopping you developing from outside the US, except maybe getting around the shipment restrictions if you want a Kindle Fire to test on.

I'm getting a Kindle Fire for testing at the end of next week. I'm expecting sound issues with GLBasic, possibly some kind of clash with SDL from what I've read on the web.


I will be getting a Fire as soon as it quits raining long enough for me to walk to the store and buy one.  I am hoping there won't be many compatibility issues with GLB.