Samnsung Bada, can be a new platform candidate?¿

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HI, the first I don´t want to make any kind of presure, and I know the GlBasic Team it´s making a great effort whit the next great release... but surfing a bit in ebay, a look the samsung wave not it´s too much expensive, about 200$ ~ , and seems it´s a platform on can be a market like in Palm Pre, I think not it´s a huge market like iOS or Android, and perhaps for us can be a good market...

How I sayed only it´s a point of view, and perhaps it´s a platform that´s can´t be ported to Glbasic or simply... it´s No...


didn´t get into it, since my samsung monitor showed 4 dead pixels in 1 year, while my LG monitor is going 5 years perfectly, I vowed to never ever buy anything samsung, ever!
is it any good? i cant trust them ever and never sorry.

edit: sorry to sound soo negative, i might be wrong... but i will never thrust again.

Kitty Hello

Really? I have a bunch of non-Android devices from Samsung (printer, TV, ..) and they are all cheap and working well.
Except for the printer automatically loading formware updates that disallow cartridges that used to work a minute ago.


I only have a lot of time 2 monitors samnsung and HD, and always works fine... This it´s like Western Digital all the people tell me it´s the Better mark for HD, and I crashes 3 the last year


Bada might not been popular in eu and us, but more in Asian, but it's sdk is c++ interface, so a port should been easy?

Would been a nice platform elsewise. Same for Symbian, which is still very popular.
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Yodaman Jer

Symbian is VERY popular over in other parts of the world that aren't the US, according to an article I read the other day. It's a shame it's not more popular over here, as it looks like a pretty decent mobile OS. :)

Never messed with Bada...
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HI I think can be very interesting have this 2 platforms, the DarkBasic, now called AGK, tells in this year they have 8 platforms to develop only whit a one click.... but onestly and not for nothing Glbasic it´s too much better, I look the manner to make code, and equal thank dark basic , amount of line for make the same that Glbasic make in a only one line on in little few lines... not support 3D, and well I think it´s too Glbasic it´s too much versatile than this languaje...

I only tell about the platforms, for a forward future, I know the grat effort to make Glbasic ans only it´s a men, but perhaps have platforms, not too much burned like iphone or Android can be more rentable for all us... they have too much applications, and only promove well the people put too much money...

Thnaks again, and how I said, not it´s for make any kind of presure or something similar, only it´s for have in mind... or perhaps in few months another platforms appears, or another tecnology, or something...


I agree extra platforms can be good.

I´m not sure about darkbasic, it used to be nice around 2001 since that was the only amos option I found, but these last many few years? what the heck they become?

Only my opinion, I can´t bother darkbasic ever again. Maybe I can give a kick on the wrapper of their 3d stuff, but I´m quite unsure of it.

(the wrapper is a nice work, no offense to who did it, or was it blitz stuff? stopped bothering for dark and blitz a long ago)


I would love to have Bada support tomorrow. Samsung is throwing money around right now. They are paying developers for early release exclusives.


I think that Bada would be a better option.

The problem with Symbian is such that the most of devices (even now sold with this system) are old type old phones - nontouch small screen, keyboard/numpad, and are intended for 'emerging markets', and most common used dev language is Java - due to differences in phones and issues with publishing. Of course there are normal touch phones, but only few models have hardware acceleration and support for OpenGL (around a dozen models). When it goes to numbers, Nokia informs that there is around 155 milions of QT devices (not all Symbian just newer -> Symbian S60 and MeeGo.. 3 categories: new touch with OpenGL - N8/N9, older touch without gpu like Nokia 5800 and classic models like E65) but in true there is probably more classic phones than a touch devices. As a reminder I will say that Samsung in 2011 has sold more over 300 milions smartphones (mostly on android).
But on other hand for better devices most of top games is made by 'big companies', small dev studios are mainly focused on java games that will work on older phones, and many such games have crazy prices like $3 for tic tac toe. But to get really big impact our games should work on all touch devices not only these with gpu, that would be hard to do :/ For devices with gpu there is QtGameEnabler solution that as they said make developing simpler. Never tried cause I have Nokia 5530 without gpu :>
Aaa.. I almost forgot about it.. in Ovi/Nokia Store you can't publish games to South Korea Oo.. and self publish to China - you need some intermediary or as they tell an 'accumulator', that takes most of you earnings from that market ;]

About Bada. it's growing market, but also here not all devices have gpu so I don't know how fast games work on such phones (on Symbian phones without gpu you can't run opengl games, they just dosn't start). But there are also Smart Tv based on bada or something similar and they also could be the market for us.. Bada is more uniform system than Symbian
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Course impossible support all versions of Symbian and also nor interested. But newer versions should been possible (just like glbasic don't support android 2.1 and down).

I do guess bada look really easy to port over...
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just my humble opinion...

I believe efforts should be made into the already going platforms.
There is also space to improve the 3d system and the sound system an making them multi-platform too.

my vote goes to that. :good:


I just checked windows 8 metro style apps resource page. Unlike windows phone 7, windows 8 metro style apps can use c++ as language.

This mean it's would been cool to see that platform supported. There is a preview to check out.

The only thing is how to use the tiles, which might need a special screen Id for that and use inline code to respond.

Just nice as Samsung bada.
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Quote from: spacefractal on 2012-Jan-12
I just checked windows 8 metro style apps resource page. Unlike windows phone 7, windows 8 metro style apps can use c++ as language.

Quite interesting! Maybe having GLBasic running on that is simple and we can benefit from the well completed support for windows we currently have? Can anyone capable of understanding this check it out?


Bada is dead   now  !
i mean it will go opensource