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when i start a new project the palette is empty and reduced to 16 colors, why this?
brings up the idea; can i change the palette, i mean the amount of colors?

i found out it helps when i close GACK and restart it with the last project as default to load/save to.

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very often when i try to click the animations button the program terminates, i guess when there is no animation set yet.
some of your demos do that to i.e. "riva raid".

after entering once the sound menu it works.
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spawn positions

shouldn't enemies spawn at the point where you place the crosshair?

actually they spawn all at the point where the first has been placed, i guess this way you don't need to place them and could have a selector how many enemies should get spawned and perhaps a repeat ratio would be nice then, so you can let them appear in rows one after the other from the same spawn position..

now i know why my enemy waves moves so early out of the screen even when i spread the spawn points very wide.
thus because i placed some turrets and liked to use the spawn enemy, but to my surprise all turrets was placed in the same location.

btw, should i report bugs in german, it would make it easier i guess.

i attached here the wip

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Kitty Hello


thx. I fixed the missing colours for the new projects. I can't reproduce the crash on "ANimations" button. Can you help me find that? Maybe I fixed it already.

The "Spawn position" is a point that is acting as a trigger. When that point comes into view, the enemy is spawned at the first movement path position. Others follow when new spawn points are triggered.

German would be OK, but your English is fine, so it's more readable to others. As you wish ;)