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OK... I give up ;( Has anyone else been able to read the joypad/nubs/buttons on the Pandora ?

Ive tried everything to get the data from them and nothing is coming back. I can get the info back from a standard usb joytick on the PC, but for the life of me I can get nothing back on the Pandora (barr the left nub, and thats all ;( )

Anyone else had any luck with this ?


Post a bug report, although users with a Pandora are rarer than a hen with doggy dentures.


Cant repost a bug report as it doesnt thro up any errors ;(

Im using the following code just to get feedback on the controls...and I get nothing.

Code (glbasic) Select

LOCAL n,n$,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz,b,dx,dy,n

x# = GETJOYX(n)
y# = GETJOYY(n)
z# = GETJOYZ(n)
rx# = GETJOYRX(n)
ry# = GETJOYRY(n)
rz# = GETJOYRZ(n)
dx# = GETDIGIX(n)
dy# = GETDIGIY(n)

PRINT n$,0,0
PRINT "x#  "+x#,0,32
PRINT "y#  "+y#,0,48
PRINT "z#  "+z#,0,64

PRINT "rx# "+rx#,0,96
PRINT "ry# "+ry#,0,112
PRINT "rz# "+rz#,0,128

PRINT "dx# "+dx#,0,160
PRINT "dy# "+dy#,0,176

FOR m=0 TO 15
PRINT "b"+m+"  "+b,400,(m*16)+32




The fact that it may not be working could mean its a bug  :P

Kitty Hello

Are you sure the nub is working properly? There's a test porgram installed and some (mine e.g.) right nubs are broken.


Both nubs work fine, but I can only get the data back for the left nub ;(

I can get all the data back for the buttons, l/r sholder buttons and the d-pad by using KEY(#) tho, so its not a total disaster, it just made more sense to use the joystick commands. I just cant use the nubs ;(

Kitty Hello

I was told you have to set the nub in joystick mode. Then the right nub should be joystick #3 from GLBasic.
(There's a switch: right nub=mouse/joystick somewhere IIRC).


Cheers, I`ll look into that.

For the time being the KEY() will be fine tho as I only need the d-pad and buttons for what Im doing next ... a slew of the old VFD tabletop games ;) I thinky Pandy is ideal for that ;)

Kitty Hello

Oh, I never heared of the VFT games. Had a quick look, was not well known in Gemany. Or I'm too young. Bright idea to port!


Bit rough and ready, but this is the basic idea (for the first). As Ive got lots of these it shouldn`t be too hard to "sim" the rest ;)

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Kitty Hello

Maybe placing the icons not on a rectangular grid, but move the topper ones a bit closer to the center will look even better.


Just had to chime in lamely and say:  I had that game!   =D


Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-May-31
Oh, I never heared of the VFT games. Had a quick look, was not well known in Gemany. Or I'm too young. Bright idea to port!

Great simulation of a classic
Asobi tech - the science of play.
Spare time indiegame developer.


I dont know how many other people here use GL for coding on the Pandora, but I`d like to know if there is any. Im giving up on this. 1 sprite on screen and I cant get it over 3fps ;(

*edit* would appear that pandy doesnt like CREATESCREEN/USESCREEN :( ... without it I get a rock steady 60 fps with hundreds of sprites !

* * Edit * * Im an arse .... please excuse my inability to code atm. USESCREEN 0 works fine on my PC so didnt see my error, which was I should be using -1 .... I`ll go and sit in a corner somewhere and shoot myself. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Just thought I`d post an update screenshot now ive finally got it all working :)

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