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Please forgive my ignorance, and my possible repetative post (if this has already been asked. I did look but couldn`t see anything relating to this)

Games on Steam uses an overlay GUI interface thingymabob. is this compatable with GLB and if so is there anything I need to know/do in order to use it ?


You could if you knew the API interface, and :

QuoteHow do I get access to Steamworks?
To get access to the Steamworks SDK, you still need to submit a demo of your game. All of our publicly available information is located here. If you have further questions you can contact[/quote[


They`re reviewing the game this week, and I was just being preemptive. Dint want to get to the point where they say ok, then give me all the access to the SDK which may be beyond me ! Was hoping someone else here had had experience in this.


I see no point of interfacing with Steam (or whether its actually possible), but it could be an interesting project to deal with.

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Good luck Min :)
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